Detroit's So Easy

A Detroit native, So Easy grew up with the unwavering support of his big brother, Keith Loyd who instilled perseverance and tenacity – essential tools in the industry. He got his start from being inspired by Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin" song back in 1999. Although Easy is from Detroit he does not have a "Detroit sound". His foundation strives to expand the consciousness of others through hard topics and overall "politically incorrect" rap. 

So Easy’s last few years have been filled with great accomplishments. The young artist has truly become an influencer by reaching over 20k followers. He's also maxed out at just over 1,800 listeners on Spotify and gotten the support of big name comedians such as Rdc World, Comic J Will, Jackpot The Juice, Haha Davis and Comical Tee. He's done opening performances for popular artists such as All Star Lee and Young Money's, Cory Gunz. Not to mention, press through a myriad of internet and commercial radio interviews and music spins in and out of his home state. 

So Easy not only writes his own lyrics but engineers the music he records through his own company, 13th Amendment, LLC. Many of Easy’s songs are done without profanity because he possesses the skill to do so and still make good music – proving to listeners that his vocabulary is profoundly vast. With his plethora of lyrics and musical versatility he can easily make entirely clean songs.

In fact, So Easy's "The Story Of Kris Loyd" album consists of several songs with no profanity. So Easy is indeed proving himself to be a legend in the making.

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Instagram: @So_Easy_

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