Thirsty Mom Arrested After Leaving Toddlers In Freezing Car While At A Bar

A Kansas thirsty-mother did the most thirstiest thing imaginable during the one of the most coldest times in U.S. History.

26-year-old Tiara Dillon was arrested for leaving her two young children in the car while she drank inside a bar for over four hours. Thirsty mom put her children at-risk just to have a drink, leaving them in a car with six degree temperatures and a wind chill of minus 12 degrees outside.

The thirst-bucket arrived at a local sports bar around 9:30 p.m., ordered multiple drinks until around 1:30 a.m. then attempted to leave. When thirst-mom got back to her car, it wouldn't start. When she went back inside the bar for help, employees called police.

"Definitely within minutes, you could have that drop in what we call core temperature of the body. Once it gets below 95 degrees, we start becoming very concerned and want those patients to present to the hospital because part of the treatment is to re-warm them a specific way that can`t be done at home," Dr. Travis Langner told WDAF TV.

Dillon was arrested for driving under the influence and aggravated child endangerment. Child protective services has also been notified.



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