Lizzo Puts Postmates Driver On Blast, Then Apologizes After Backlash

Lizzo's still getting used to the whole being famous thing.

On Tuesday (September 17), the rising star took to Twitter to issue her Postmates driver an apology after accusing her of "stealing" her food the day prior. "I apologize for putting that girl on blast," Lizzo tweeted in response to the tons of backlash she received for her original post. "I understand I have a large following and that there were so many variables that could’ve put her in danger. Imma really be more responsible with my use of social media and check my petty and my pride at the door."

On Monday (September 16), Lizzo called her driver out by name for "stealing" her food rather than delivering it. "Hey @Postmates this girl Tiffany W. stole my food she lucky I don’t fight no more," she wrote to her 969,000 Twitter followers. Almost immediately fans and haters alike came together to blast Lizzo for choosing to "snitch" on "poor" Tiffany W. "Jesus. This poor girl is going to get fired and then hunted down. Come on, Lizzo," a Twitter user wrote. Another added, "So you’ve publicly shamed someone who works in the service industry… you’ve nearly a million twitter followers… and you’ve now DMd their employer who will likely sack the individual you shamed publicly after accusing her of theft when you don’t actually know what happened…"

Postmates even got involved, responding to the "Tempo" artist's initial tweet, asking her to DM them to remedy the situation. The food delivery service also apologized for the "less than satisfactory experience."

While Lizzo has her truth and Tiffany W has hers, a source familiar with the situation told Rolling Stone that the "Postmates employee in question waited at the designated drop-off location for 5 minutes, but was unable to reach Lizzo (or anyone else who placed the order), and moved on with their delivery."

Case closed.

Photo: Getty Images