Paul Wall Wants To Hook Drake Up With Free Grills 'For Life'

Paul Wall & Drake

Photo: Getty Images

Paul Wall says Drake can pull up to his shop for a free grill any time he wants.

On Wednesday, September 20, TMZ caught up with the famed Texas rapper after fans went wild over his new silver look. During their discussion, the outlet brought up Drake's recent shout-out to him at the recent Houston stop on his "It's All A Blur Tour." Wall said that it "felt great" to get that type of recognition from Drizzy and noted that he's a fan of his work. The veteran grillmaster also said that he wants to hook Drake up with free grills for life.

"I always had love for Drake and I know he got love for me so I always knew it but when you get that shout-out that's when it lets the rest of the people know that," Wall explained. "Now everyone else knows. Shout to my boy Drake man he shouted me out on raps too. I mean that's huge. A big thank you from your boy Paul. Drake, you got grills for life from your boy. Me and Johnny [Dang[ got you. You got grills from us for life!"

Paul Wall's resurgence in the rap game has been amazing to witness. He recently appeared on That Mexican OT's hit song "Johnny Dang," which is one of the biggest songs to come out of his home state in years. Prior to that, he teamed up with Termanology to drop their joint album, Start 2 Finish. Now the duo is preparing to release the sequel Start, Finish, Repeat on October 13. They recently dropped off the second single from the project, "Do It for the Ghetto" featuring Big K.R.I.T. & Lakeith Rashad.

As if that's not enough, Paul Wall is also gearing up to drop his next solo LP The Great Wall on December 1. Check out his latest song below.

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