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Joyner Lucas Reveals How Young Mother, Daughter's Tragic Death Impacted Him

Joyner Lucas

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Joyner Lucas opens up about how the deaths of a mother and her daughter has impacted his life.

On Monday, March 25, the New England rapper sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk about his new album Not Now I'm Busy. During their discussion, Charlamagne Tha God asked Lucas about Chasity Nuñez and her daughter Zella who were both killed during a shooting earlier this month in his hometown of Worcester, Mass. The 35-year-old artist said he knew both of them personally and said it was a "very sad situation."

"It's another reminder that you can be here one day and tomorrow you can be gone," Lucas said.

"What happened to that mother and daughter was horrific," he continued. "I felt guilty because she was in the video, and in the video she was rapping in the car dead. She died in her car, you know, so it's like haunting to go back and watch it. I'm still thinking about taking the video down just because, I mean, it just hits your soul."

The video in question was for his 2018 song "Frozen." Chasity Nuñez played a woman who rapped one of his verses after she dies in a car accident. At the top of March, Nuñez and her daughter were sitting in a parked SUV when two men approached the vehicle and opened fire. Afterward, Lucas donated nearly $10,000 to their GoFundMe fundraiser.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lucas also opened up about his new collaboration with the late DMX. He told Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Jess Hilarious that he made the song with X before he passed away in 2021.

"I spent some time with X," Lucas explained. "We played pool a few times. I got to pick his brain. He gave me a lot of advice. I had a real n***a conversation with X just about his life, his upbringing, you know, I was able to ask him a lot of personal questions just so I can understand him because I kinda of had a feeling at some point that he was going to go before his time. So I made it a point to ask him as many questions as I wanted to ask him and yeah he's the homie."

Check out the entire interview below.

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