Video: "Karen" Strikes Again Tells Black Couple "Stay In Your Hood"

Well....Emma aka "KAREN" ended up getting fired. I bet she regrets saying "Stay in your hood" check out the next video below:

I swear I wish a Karen, would try me! So now you job less Emma. and you all over the internet cause your dumb a$$ got their dog confused with another dog barking, you acted out once he started recording. Then you tried to slap the phone off this man. who was minding his business with his fiance, and walking their dog.

If you would of minded your own business, you would still have a job. And if you're at a dog park, wtf dogs are going to bark, so why you worried about a dog barking loud, they are dogs and they bark loud and at a dog park!!! I don't feel sorry for this KAREN!

Photo: Instagram via Onsite

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