Cardi B gang threats calls for armed guards in L.A


Cardi B is scheduled to host 3 club nights in L.A during the NBA All-Star weekend. According to TMZ, sources say they are preparing for the worst, as in possible gang violence. The 3 clubs Murano, Penthouse and Ace of Diamonds are adding more armed security, also off-duty cops for that night. 

Sources say Cardi B supposed to be getting paid around $250k for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night gigs, so canceling was not an option. However, the club owner said he is still taking the threats serious and he want to make sure Cardi B is safe during her club visits. 

I hope this weekend goes great. It seems like the club owner has a plan to make things safe. However, being in L.A in this situation is bad due to L.A being the start where gang violence first started. Hopefully the 3 nights she there turns out safe and everyone can go home safe. 

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