Brian Goulet, CEO and Founder, The Goulet Pen Company

Brian Goulet

Brian is the co-president and the "face of Goulet Pens", and has no shortage of ideas for new videos or marketing initiatives. A natural-born leader, Brian provides the strategic vision for GPC. He was the originator of the "Goulet packing method" and strives to instill that same level of artistry in all of our team members. Brian grew up in Glen Allen, VA with entrepreneurial parents who instilled in him a great sense of independence. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006 with a degree in residential property management, then spent a few years working with his dad doing home powerwashing and carpet cleaning.

About The Goulet Pen Company

The Goulet Pen Company originally began as a hobby in 2007, when Brian's lifelong interest in woodworking led him to purchase a small lathe and try penturning on a whim. Goulet Pens quickly became a hit with our friends and family. Despite the fact we were living in an apartment and Brian's "workshop" was on a covered balcony, we picked up our first corporate order and thus the hobby turned into a business in a matter of weeks. Brian made his pens on nights and weekends until late 2008, when he decided to devote his career to penturning.

After making over 800 custom rollerball pens, Brian took an interest in fountain pens after attending the DC Fountain Pen Supershow in 2009. In late 2009, we decided to expand from writing instruments to enhancing the overall writing experience. We embraced the Clairefontaine family of products first, then gradually increased our ink offerings to nearly 600 ink colors, and continued to acquire new brands of quality fountain pens.

The Goulet Pen Company has earned a loyal following by offering the finest products at competitive prices, superior customer service, and through the education and inspiration offered through our blog and social media channels.

The Goulet Pen Company was founded on a vision of providing a personal level of service through an online format, like has never been done before in the writing world. We are always striving to provide a fantastic customer experience and a unique knowledge of our products based on our own personal interest and our constant communication with the writing community.

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