Whitney Houston's Bible can be yours for $95,000

A Former landlord stumbled across what was said to be trash and in that trash was a bible belonging to the late Whitney Houston. One man's trash is the next man's treasure and now the former landlord is asking $95,000 for Whitney Houston's bible.

Whitney Houston rented a luxury home in Newport Beach from 2009-2011. Upon moving out the landlord found some boxes by the trash. In these boxes were clothes, CD's and a bible that belonged to Whitney Houston. The former landlord reached out to Whitney's agent and notified him of the items left behind and the agent let him know that all of the items were trash and that he could have them. The landlord decided to keep the bible of Whitney Houston which had her writing all throughout the bible with things like her and Bobby Brown's wedding date and daughter's Bobbi Kristina birth date. The bible is now for sale on a website (Moments in Time) for a whooping $95,000    

Photo Credit: GettyImages



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