Why was Chris Carsyn crying this morning?????

You would think since my son is in the first grade this year that i wouldn't be so emotional since I've been through this whole first day of school thing once before. Today was like no other day. My son Carter (6 years old) started first grade today. We were both excited all morning long. Upon our arrival at his school (side-note... carter also attended this school last year for kindergarten) we found out the class that he would be in which was not the class that carter wanted to be in. So, Carter's initial reaction to his new teacher made me worry but i kept my game face on for him. As a mom, i told carter that it would be okay and that he's going to love his new teacher and friends even though i was nervous. We walked into the class along with all of the other parents and students. Carter took and seat and the teacher began talking to all of the parents about our kids day and her expectations as a teacher. His new teacher looks like she's been teaching for many years and may be close to retirement. After the teacher finished talking to everyone she let the parents know that we were free to leave. I let carter know that mommy was getting ready to leave. Carter laid his head down in his arms on his desk and i saw a few tears roll down his face. I bent down to his desk to ask him what was wrong? He grabbed me close and said "mommy don't leave me I don't even know how to be in first grade" I told him that he's going to be okay and hugged him and then tears started to roll down my face. Now me and my son are in this first grade class room crying. I'm wiping carter's tears and my tears at the same time. I cried so much that carter started laughing which brought me so much relief. From there i was able to gather myself to remain strong for my son. I hugged carter and assured him that he was going to have an amazing day and that he's going to do great in first grade. As you can see from the picture he'll be just fine today!

As a parent so many different emotions ran through my mind this morning. Firstly, in disbelief that i have a whole first grader but secondly, as a mom you worry about your child adjusting to a new environment, new teacher, new friends, new bullies. All of these things run through our mind. So, to all of my parents that got emotional today for their child's first day of school just know that you were not alone!!!! Cheers to a new school year from Chris Carsyn!

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