White Woman Goes Viral After Calling Police On Black Air Bnb Guest.

Here we go again! A woman being dubbed Karen has now gone viral after calling the police on a group of black men. The woman claims the two black males were trespassing in a secure building and states "she is unsure if they have a weapon and doesn't know how they got in." In the video, the men claim the woman is mad because they were playing music at 3am at the Air Bnb they rented, yet because she was aggressive and disrespectful, they then started filming.

Yall be safe out here mane smh. The lady had came upstairs banging on the door hard for about 2 mins when we finally answered the door she starts screaming “Turn the fucking music down”. So we do. This is the video i recorded about an hour later when i went to go get some food.

The video clearly shows she is the aggressor here after she clearly threatens to get her gun . The incident allegedly occurred over the weekend and has instantly gone viral. Although the men were ok per their own account of the situation, people have still not learned to stop using the police to attempt to instill fear on black people behaving normally.

The internet was quick to give this woman a new nick name, BNB Becky , similar to BBQ Becky. Check it out below and let me know your thoughts below.