Blac Chyna Goes OFF On Fan At Airport - "Go Get F***in Vaccinated!"


Photo: Getty Images

Blac Chyna is playing no games when it comes to Covid. Video showing Blac Chyna going off on a unvaccinated fan inside an airport is going viral. TMZ is reporting the incident started after a fan approached her to take a photo yet wasn’t vaccinated.

The incident reportedly happened Sunday night when a woman holding a baby went up to Chyna to ask for a photo. It's rumored that Chyna started ranting about how the woman better be vaccinated before getting close to her. It’s not clear what was said in between, the clip jumps to Chyna yelling at someone and telling folks to "go get f****** vaccinated!!!"

Chyna, who is vaccinated has not publicly spoken out on this situation yet. Regardless of how you feel about the vaccine, Chyna has the right to not have people around her who are or are not vaccinated. Respect her space.

Watch it go down below.

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