Raiders Coach’s RESIGNS After Leaked Homophobic and Racist Emails.

Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images

That didn't take long. The Las Vegas Raiders head coach, Jon Gruden, has resigned after emails leaked showing he used racist and homophobic language in an email referencing players in the NFL.

Multiple emails have been leaked yet some of the emails criticize President Obama, and Eric Reid for kneeling against police brutality and racism during the National Anthem.

Gruden also said in the email that Eric Reid should have been fired and showed no sympathy for players wanting to speak about social justice.

This after the initial leak, which ESPN and the Wall Street Journal both reported that Gruden sent an email with racially insensitive language about NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith in July 2011.

The emails came to light due to an ongoing investigation about workplace misconduct with the Washington Football team. Now, it looks that the Raiders will need to find a new head coach. Check out more details from the leaked emails here!

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