DMX Ex-Wife and Fiance Special Moment During The Funeral

If you had a chance to watch and more so experience the beautiful going home celebration of Earl Simmons better known by the world as DMX , then you surely saw something truly special. At Barclay's Center on Saturday, April 24th, to Sunday early evening the world watched as many shared and expressed there love for the artist. From streets-highways being flooded with Ruffryder (s), DMX Monster trucks in honor of DMX, his children all being present and sharing what they remember of their late father, to Swizz Beatz, Faith Evans, Pastors, Dmx's god daughter, and countless others shared there experiences and the many prayers they shared with him.

However there was a special moment during the funeral, towards the end- where Tashera Simmons DMX's ex-wife (who he met when she was 11-years-old and remained friends even til his death) , and Desiree (his fiancee) two women of God about there business. Watched why fans appreciated the lov