NFL Draft Miami School To Make History

Tonight is the big night for all football fans and Cleveland, Ohio will surely be flooded with football fans as the National Football League Draft will be hosted there. As events will be surrounding the players across the United States- First Energy Stadium, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center, thousands are excited not only for the draft itself but also the said to be festivities that will be taking place. Though the draft will be held in Ohio, South Floridians have a little something to celebrate as the Miami Dolphins will have the 6th and 18th overall pick. Not mention that history being made by a Miami high school. Word is American Heritage High, has about 7 players that could very well have a chance to be selected. If this happens this would break the record of the most students drafted in 1 year. Currently the most is 4 students drafted within the same school, one familiar school name is of course St. Thomas Aquinas.

The NFL draft begins tonight at 8PM EST on abc.