Tee Grizzley speaks on the death of his aunt JB

Last month Tee Grizzley lost his aunt/ manager JB and it's been so many stories on what and why did it happened so we won't get into that because we never spoke to Tee about it so we don't want to put any wrong info out. But I will say that they were very close. Each time they would come to the station or if you saw them out together ( Because When You Saw One You Saw The Other For The Most Part) But when you saw them you could tell they had each other's back. And one thing about JB she made sure Tee was good.I noticed she would go over and above for him. when I met them a few years ago she was the one making sure Tee showed up to our events or any event that Tee was scheduled to be at. Now when I first met and JB we didn't hit it off too well and that's only because we didn't understand how each other moved but once we had a talk and figured each other out we built a great relationship to the point when ever she needed something from the station regarding Tee I would be the one she'd called. So when I heard the news of what happen to her it really messed my up. Now we hadn't heard anything from Tee since the loss of JB just a few pics on IG but we understood that he was in pain but now Tee has spoken he dropped a new song called Satish and that's JB's middle name. The song is very deep and so is the video.


This is the last time I saw Tee and JB together when I was doing this interview with Tee I can remember JB asking me was she in the view of the camera because she was standing next to me while we were filming. And I said to her jokingly ( What's Wrong You Don't Want People To See You Next To Me) and we both laugh about it

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